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 In an age of sophisticated healthcare technologies and research tools, the doctors you see or hospitals you visit are only a small part of what determines your health. 

"If you tell Dr. Anthony Iton where you live and how much money you make, he'll tell you how long you're likely to live.

The public health director for Alameda County said he was startled by the results"

Study shows shocking crisis of ‘white death’ in Valley

"When we see a building consumed by flames, a horrible vehicle accident or any other tragedy unfold, we immediately call the proper authorities. The vast majority of us doesn’t stand idly by and let these incidents go unreported. We can’t. It's not how we're wired."

A year after the Erskine Fire, kids are still grappling with trauma

"Reba Dimeglio picked up a crayon and colored in the traumatic parts of her life. The chaos of that day — the one where her family nearly lost everything — left the details hazy, but she recalled the broad contours.She remembered her mother defying evacuation orders..."

How Local Health Care Systems Are Responding to COVID-19

All nine Bay Area counties announced a "shelter in place" order this week, dramatically changing life for Bay Area residents. Still on the frontlines, though, are health workers who fear greater risk of exposure to COVID-19 as clinics and hospitals face protective gear shortages.